B.Tech.(Civil Engineering) is a regular four years undergraduate course offering technical education and professional training in Civil Engineering. In addition to the core subjects of civil engineering, the department offers additional tools like MS Project, Primavera, Staad- Pro, ArcGIS etc. based on current industry requisite to enhance the employability of the students.

Learning Pedagogy

Projects and activities

Due to the rapidly changing technology, an engineer need to have some hand on experience to meet the industry’s demand

Regular assessment

The assessment is meant for the process by which we assign grades to the students in their respective subjects.

Web-Based Technique

Web-based learning has got much attention as being an incredible opportunity to study nowadays.

Skills through Study

Learning can take place as organized and purposed activities, such as learning in a classroom with a teacher and ready-made learning material or unconsciously, without you being aware of the process of learning.

Why Choose Civil Engineering @ BSAITM

The most demanded course also teaches the development of better infrastructural facilities to sustain an eco- friendly environment. What lures one to this profession is the fact that it is centredon improving the lives of people.

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We build things!

Create Structure for a Lifetime !!!

The fundamental principle of nature to often change itself has been continuously challenging the human civilization and civil engineering as its backbone has been holding it firmly throughout.

Consequently, it has become the widest profession as its history is linked to the knowledge of structures, materials science, geography, geology, soil, hydrology, environment, mechanics, etc.

By studying this course one gets the adequate knowledge about:

Material Science which shared the principal of checking material science.

Transportation Engineering cover the overall process for Completing the Infrastructure.

Environmental, Concrete, Geotechnical are the core Engineering study that make Civil more Fascinating

Soil Mechanics and Geology helps students to relate the strengths and properties of natural material.

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“We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us.”